Reese Witherspoon surfs the internet to see what people think of her.

The 'Legally Blonde' star confessed she spends hours cruising online chat rooms late at night.She is quoted in Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "I'll go on the internet late at night and find out what people really think about me."The blonde beauty admits she is sometimes hurt by the comments she reads.She revealed: "It hurts my feelings sometimes though, because I get comments like, 'She looks weird', 'I hate her movies' and 'She stinks'""Oh God, it feels terrible. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though I think I should just move on"Earlier this month the actress confessed she's a slob

She claimed she can't understand the media attention she gets because she is as normal as everyone else

She said: "I can't believe that someone is so interested in all the pictures of me at the grocery store "It's like everyday I'm wearing the same sweat suit It's like: 'Is this really interesting? And to whom?' But if that makes people feel: 'Hey, she's a slob like me,' then I am all for it I am a slob like everybody else!"

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