Robbie Williams has admitted to sleeping with countless call girls. The singer, who says he prowled strip joints for sex, even begged a porn star for on-screen sex while filming a recent pop video. The heartthrob, who is dating 'Nip/Tuck' actress Valerie Cruz, also admits, in his latest book, 'Feel', to sleeping with young groupies. He says of lap dancers: "The t*tty monster gets on my shoulder. I need to take her home and f*** her.

Then I do. And then I feel genuinely sorry for her predicament." The sexy star, who has dated a string of celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Geri Halliwell and Rachel Hunter, says he couldn't control himself on set of his 'Come Undone' video where he is seen in bed with two porn stars. He said: "I was thinking some of the sex stuff in there should be performed. There was lots of naked breast touching, us three kissing altogether.

I did keep my pants on. They didn't. I had a quick fiddle with both of them." Robbie has also bedded a number of young fans - who, he complains, were so inexperienced they couldn't even kiss. He talks about getting steamy between the sheets with one Swiss-Israeli fan after barely managing a conversation. But the singer revealed: "It felt like surgery. an automated procedure."

Robbie also proudly confesses to taking home two fans of boy band Westlife he found in a bar, saying: "It was nice. One of them got semi-naked but she couldn't kiss and the other one got instantly guilty about it all." But Robbie now wants to put his wild past behind him and settle down to have a family.

Last December he revealed: "I'm looking for a missus. I've partied like not many other people have partied but it's time for me to settle down and have children."

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