DE NIRO PREDICTED 9/11 ATTACKMovie legend ROBERT DE NIRO commissioned a script about a New York terrorist attack - three years before Islamic group AL-QAEDA's destruction of the city's Twin Towers on September 11th (01).The OSCAR winner - who launched the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL to help victims of the tragedy - asked writer LARRY GOLIN to help him make a script about Islamic terrorists who are led by a fugitive militant resembling al-Qaeda leader OSAMA BIN LADEN.De Niro interviewed Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spies, agents from the UK Secret Intelligence Service (known as MI6) and Bin Laden's aides while researching the script, about terrorists who blow up the Empire State Building.The RAGING BULL actor is now ready to direct and star in the film, which also features MATT DAMON and ANGELINA JOLIE, but removed the terrorist plot after his premonition came true.Golin complains, "It was a sad miss. If that story had gotten made prior to 9/11, Bob would be looked upon as even more of a genius."But he went for the safety of history."

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