Rod Stewart reportedly spends£6,000 a year on haircuts.The rocker is so obsessed with his blond locks that he gets them groomed every three weeks at a top London hair salon.The 62-year-old singer reportedly spends a whopping£350 each time he visits celebrity hairdresser Steven Carey for a five-hour trim and bleach session.A salon regular told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "Rod is everyone's favourite customer. Not just because he forks out a small fortune on his hair but because he is great fun and is on first-name terms with all the staff."Rod's 35-year-old fiancee Penny Lancaster also visits the exclusive salon frequently - to get her blonde locks trimmed.

The beauty conscious couple also bring their six-month-old baby Alistair with them when the come in for a style and cut.

However, despite being a generous tipper, Rod is said to be extremely demanding when it comes to his hairstyles.

The source added: "Rod is quite pedantic about his locks.

"Even if his hair doesn't really need doing, he'll still come in to get it tweaked, either with a few strokes of colour or a tiny trim."

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