Russell Crowe has changed the name of his band. to save money.The millionaire actor allegedly changed his old group's name from Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt to The Ordinary Fear of God because the titles have the same initials - so he wouldn't have to splash out on new initialled paraphernalia.The heartthrob actor is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "The old band was Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt, that became known as TOFOG"I needed a name with the same initials, so I didn't have to buy new T-shirts for road crew and new luggage labels etc"He added: "There is no deep spiritual meaning to it - just the chance to save a few bucks"Earlier this week, it was claimed Crowe is to become a father for the second time. The Hollywood heavyweight - who has a toddler son, Charles - announced that his wife, Danielle Spencer, is pregnant at a dinner in Melbourne following the Australian Film Institute Awards last weekend.