Sam Mendes may quit Hollywood to spend more time with his children.The 'American Beauty' director, who has two children Joe and Mia with actress wife Kate Winslet, admits he misses his kids like mad when he is away from home working.Although Sam has previously taken his family with him while shooting on location, he insists he isn't prepared to uproot either of them when they start school and may have to quit film making.He said: "Once my kids hit school age, it will get tricky. There's no way I'm going to put them through years of being gypsies."It seems Sam shares his devotion to his family with wife Kate who previously insisted she would always put her family before her acting career.The screen beauty - who is set to shoot three new films this year, including 'Holiday' with Cameron Diaz - says she will never neglect her duties as a wife and mother.She said: "Everything is about my children, everything.

"I couldn't breathe without them. Hollywood will never come before my marriage or family. I'm lucky because my career has revealed itself to be fantastic, but my family is my priority."

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