Scarlett Johansson wanted to expose her breasts in a movie - but was stopped by the director.The 21-year-old actress was left fuming after filmmaker Michael Bay demanded she wore a bra in a scene in action thriller 'The Island'.He told Esquire magazine: "Scarlett said, 'I'm not wearing this f***ing bra. I'm going naked.' I said, 'Scarlett, you can't go naked, this film is PG13.'"Michael - who has also helmed Hollywood blockbusters 'Armageddon' and 'Pearl Harbour' - says his decision annoyed the actress so much she launched into another foul-mouthed tirade when he later knocked on her trailer door.Scarlett previously revealed she didn't want to wear the undergarment because it did not fit in with the story.She said: "They wanted me to be wearing a bra when I woke up. I asked, 'Why don't they just put a sheet over me?' Nobody sleeps in bras - except maybe French women."

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