Scarlett Johansson suffered severe panic attacks on the set of her latest movieShe confessed: "I usually feel nervous before every film but this time it was a lot worseI was so nervous that, by the time we were ready for the first scene, I was nearly dead from anxiety" But the sexy actress soon realised the only way she would be able to get through the movie was to control her nervesShe is quoted by Britain's Express newspaper as saying: "I told myself, there's no way this can go on for the next five weeks so I'd better learn to calm myselfAnd that's exactly what I did.The rest of the filming was the best experiences ever on set after that"

Earlier this year, Scarlett was considering quitting her acting career - to become a charity worker.

The stunning Bafta award-winning actress said she got bored filming movies and would like to do something more worthwhile.

She revealed: "I might go to Bangladesh with Oxfam and then explore into India.

"When I'm not working, the first couple of weeks are fantastic, then towards the end of the first month I start to have anxiety attacks I get bored, I feel stale".

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