Scarlett Johansson is set to play Napoleon Bonaparte's 14-year-old love interest in new movie, 'Napoleon and Betsy'.The screen beauty will play the teenage daughter of the French emperor's English captor during his exile in 1815.Napoleon is said to have been captivated by Betsy despite the fact he was 32 years older than her.But film bosses have refused to reveal whether the blonde starlet will have a sexual relationship with their Napoleon, who has not yet been cast.Meanwhile, Scarlett's boyfriend Josh Hartnett has hinted the pair have tantric sex.The handsome actor claims he has been trying to master the mystical practice - which involves meditating while having intercourse to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm - and insists it's incredible once you get the hang of it.He revealed: "A really dirty friend of mine gave me a book on tantric sex for my birthday. I studied it to see what all the fuss was about. It's not easy but it's all good."

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