Sean Ryder has defended Pete Doherty for using drugs - saying Pete's wild antics are no worse than what The Beatles got up to. The Happy Mondays singer, a self-confessed former crack addict, insists the drug-addled Babyshambles rocker is just having a good time and shouldn't be persecuted for admitting to taking Class A'sRyder insists legendary Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon openly experimented with drugs without any repercussions so Pete should be able to do the sameHe told Britain's NME magazine: "Pete's a young lad, he takes drugs, right? I think everyone's done that since from Alvin Stardust to John Lennon to Paul McCartney to fucking Brian Jones, y'know what I mean? Everyone's been a young kid that's got fucking stoned and a bit of their head and caused a few hassles, y'know?"