Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

I lost the weight for a role, but I don't know if I'll keep it off

Seth Rogen has tantrums when he can't eat.

The 'Knocked Up' star has shed 30lbs for his role in new comic book adaptation 'The Green Hornet' - in which he plays the crime-fighting vigilante of the same name - but doesn't think he will be able to maintain his new slimline figure when filming ends because dieting has made him so emotional.

He said: "I lost the weight for a role, but I don't know if I'll keep it off. That's the big question. I have a lot of tantrums. I want my food. I cry for no reason."

The actor is adamant he wouldn't have lost the weight if the role didn't require it and admits he feels like a "sell-out" for trying to alter his body shape.

He recently said: "I'm selling out guys. It's the lamest thing ever. It's for 'The Green Hornet' - the only reason. There's no other reason. I think it serves the movie."

Despite winning praise for his new figure, Seth has previously insisted his long-term girlfriend Lauren Miller is indifferent about his new look.

He said: "She's stuck by me through thick and thin - literally! She claims she doesn't like me any more now than when I was heavier, but I think that's completely not true."