Shane MacGowan still loves playing concerts - because he spends most of his time flirting with women.The star says he is so familiar with his music he doesn't have to focus on his band anymore and can spend his time chatting up fans instead.He said: "We don't have to work at rehearsals because we can just play the same old songs. We've done it so many times, we can't get it wrong. So you can concentrate on chatting up women in the audience or whatever."Meanwhile, MacGowan says the best moment of his life was meeting his partner - because she helped him quit heroin.The Pogues singer says meeting his lover was a momentous occasion for many reasons, but admits the fact she helped him get off drugs was one of them.He told Britain's Observer Music Monthly: "There have been many happy days and many unhappy ones, but the most important day was the day I met my missus, who is sometimes estranged and sometimes not."She got me off smack - although that's not the main reason it's the happiest moment."