Sharon Osbourne hopes the person who broke into her home gets leprosy.The outspoken TV star, the wife of rocker Ozzy, is still heartbroken that her favourite piece of jewellery, a rare sapphire, was stolen from her home and has cursed the person who took it.Sharon told Heat magazine: "The most expensive thing I ever bought was a sapphire and that ended up being stolen. I hope whoever has it gets leprosy and their finger falls off."Sharon has also revealed she still gets romantically pursued by musicians, despite the fact she is married to heavy metal legend Ozzy.The 'X Factor' judge said: "A lot of older musicians like to have a list of other musicians' wives who they've s****ed. This particular guy said to me, 'I want to know what its like to shag Ozzy Osbourne's wife.' I said, 'Well you're never going to find out baby, see ya!' "

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