SHARON OSBOURNE'S SYMPATHY FOR 'VULNERABLE' MOSS Rock matriarch SHARON OSBOURNE wants to give shamed supermodel KATE MOSS a big hug following the beauty's recent cocaine scandal and tell her to find a nice man. Moss was released from an Arizona rehabilitation clinic last week (ends28OCT05), where she was admitted following the publication of images showing the model snorting cocaine in September (05). While Osbourne is certain Moss will bounce back and resurrect her career, she believes the supermodel's new clean lifestyle would be helped if she ends her on/off relationship with self-confessed drug addict PETE DOHERTY. Osbourne tells Brit gay magazine Attitude, "Kate Moss, my heart goes out to her. She's got to be one of the most hard-working women I've ever met. "It's (modelling) gruelling and the hours are arduous and this girl has worked her arse off since she was a kid. "Yes, she's very famous, but she's lost. She needs a nice guy in her life to ground her.
"Every time I see her I just want to hold her and tell her it's gonna be alright. She's lovely. Very, very vulnerable, not a harmful bone in her body."

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