Sienna Miller Tourette's Sh*tsburgh Slur.Sienna Miller Blames Tourette's Syndrome For 'S**tsburgh' Comments British actress SIENNA MILLER has blamed a mild form of Tourette's syndrome for her string of foul-mouthed outbursts last year (06).The FACTORY GIRL star - who sparked controversy by revealing she takes drugs because "they're fun" - famously upset Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residents last October (06) after drunkenly calling their city "S**tsburgh" during an interview.The 25-year-old insists the rants are the result of suffering from a form of Tourette's syndrome, a neurological disorder which is most often associated with the exclamation of obscene or derogatory remarks.She says, "These things just come out. I think it might be mild Tourette's, not to insult people who have proper Tourette's, but I will say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate time to the most inappropriate person. Always. Guaranteed."And Miller reveals she has a string of cheeky nicknames for other American states, explaining, "Massivetwos**ts is Massachusetts. Connecticu*t, or Connectibutt."

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