Sienna Miller thinks she is too selfish to have children.The 26-year-old actress - who is rumoured to be separated from her Welsh actor boyfriend Rhys Ifans - wants to wait before becoming a mother so she can have more life experiences.She said: "I really thought I was very ready to settle down, but then I realised I wanted to be selfish for just a little bit longer."When I have a child it will be probably become my whole life, so I don't want to have any regrets that I should have done more."But I'm only 26, I have plenty of time."Earlier this week, it was reported that Rhys wants to fight the man he believes destroyed his relationship with Sienna Miller.The 'Notting Hill' star - who was allegedly dumped by Sienna for being jealous of her ex-boyfriend and latest movie co-star Matthew Rhys - is devastated by the split and has warned he will attack Matthew if he finds out Sienna cheated on him.

He has also warned he will humiliate Sienna and Matthew at the upcoming world premiere of their film 'The Edge of Love' by turning up for a public showdown with Matthew.

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