Rising star SIENNA MILLER is planning to petition British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR to change the law to protect celebrities from the paparazzi. The 24-year-old former model leaped to fame when she began dating her ALFIE co-star JUDE LAW in late 2003 and despite limited film experience, is now a fixed tabloid star in Britain. Minutes before posing for the cameras on the red carpet of the London CASANOVA premiere on Monday (13FEB06), Miller said, "I was seriously thinking of trying to get hold of Tony Blair. I appreciate that you are putting yourself up to it to a certain degree. But it's stalking and there should be stricter laws." Miller's proposal follows in the footsteps of Hollywood stars REESE WITHERSPOON, CAMERON DIAZ and LINDSAY LOHAN, who are working with Los Angeles Police to crackdown on illegal behaviour by photographers.

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