Sienna Miller has been left fearing for her life after receiving a torrent of death threats.Islamic extremists are furious the actress is starring in 'Interview', a remake of director Theo van Gogh's 2003 thriller.The Dutch director was murdered in 2004 after his controversial film 'Submission' sparked outrage among Islamic fundamentalists.Sienna, who is currently shooting the film in New York, is being targeted by similar political groups. She has been sent letters warning her "she will be sorry" unless she pulls out of filming.A crew member told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Sienna refuses to give in to these threats. The film hasn't got anything to do with Islam. But because it's being made as a tribute to Theo, the Islamic fundamentalists have hit the roof."Her co-star, 'Reservoir Dogs' star Steve Buscemi has received similar death threats.He is also directing the movie and has promised to protect Sienna with the best security in America.

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