Snoop Dogg has been barred from entering the UK - ever again.The rapper was slapped with the ban after he and his minders were involved in a "mini-riot" at London's Heathrow airport last month.The incident occurred when the 34-year-old - real name Calvin Broadus - and several other men were denied entry to a British Airways' first-class lounge.A brawl ensued and seven officers were left with minor injuries, including cuts and bruises. One suffered a fractured hand.The hip-hop star has already been given a police caution for the incident and was banned from flying with British Airways.According to reports, he has now been told his criminal record in his native America - which includes drug and gun offences - bars him from returning to Britain.A source is quoted in Britain's The People newspaper as saying: "The Home Office is taking a tough line on him."

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