UK HISTORIAN: SPIELBERG 'GLORIFIES' NAZI REGIMEDirector STEVEN SPIELBERG has been accused of glamourising the Nazi regime in his movies, by a prominent British historian.ANTONY BEEVOR describes Spielberg's SCHINDLER'S LIST and other films tackling Hitler's regime as "cinematic pornography" that actually encourage neo-Nazism.Beevor says, "Although film-makers such as STEVEN SPIELBERG believe that they're making anti-Nazi films, what they produce is a type of cinematic pornography: the image of power of the Nazis, the colourful marches of their troops in the streets, end up being attractive to some young males in societies in which the social structure or order is disintegrating."One has to be very careful about the way in which we approach history because very few people can tell the difference between fact and fiction."Spielberg, whose new movie tackles the BABI YAR massacre in which 100,000 people were killed in Ukraine by German forces, is unmoved by the criticism.His spokesperson says, "Steven lets his films speak for themselves. He makes the films he wants to make and lets others debate them."

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