AMERICAN PIE beauty TARA REID has vowed to abandon her Hollywood career and start a family as soon as she meets her dream man.The actress - who is currently filming new reality show WILD ON TARA - can't wait have children and is desperate for a family homelife.And she will model it on her parents' loving household.She says, "I want a bunch! At least three. I love the very idea of lovemarriage and kids.

"I look at my parents and they've done a really good job themselves.

"They're still married. That's my role model.

"I will definitely settle back a bit when I have kids." Meanwhile the Hollywood star hates being branded a wild child at 29-years-old and insists she is a homely type.The AMERICAN PIE beauty, whose drunken antics and various wardrobe malfunctions have earned her a bad girl reputation, insists she is just trying to be upbeat and cheerful.

She says, "I'm just like, 'Shut up!' I'm no different then anybody else.

"I have a good time with people and I make people happy."It's really sad that people say that and judge you for being happy, and other people are doing bad things and it's almost promoted."

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