JACKSON'S 'EX-GIRLFRIEND' ANNOUNCES AFFAIR WAS FAKEA woman assumed to be an ex-girlfriend of MICHAEL JACKSON has declared their "affair" was completely made up for the benefit of the press.TATIANA THUMBTZEN, who danced in Jackson's 1988 video for THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL and was the first woman to kiss him in public, admits in her forthcoming book, THE WAY HE MADE ME FEEL, that she lied to the media about having a romance with the singer in 1993 - when he first faced allegations of child molestation.Jackson, who's set to go to trial this month (JAN05) on separate child abuse allegations, said at the time, "I love her because she's warm, caring and exciting." Thumbtzen once accompanied the BAD singer to the GRAMMY AWARDS and went on the road with him during his BAD tour.Co-author TONIA RYAN says in a statement, "Here is another woman from Michael's past that people think he was romantically involved with or at least had some kind of sexual relationship with when he never did."Every other red-blooded male in America was after her (EDDIE MURPHY, PRINCE, ROBERT DE NIRO, MATT LeBLANC, etc) but Michael did not even go on a date with her. You do the math!"

The book, which is due out on 14 February (05), also alleges that Jackson had a fixation with child actors MACAULAY CULKIN and RICKY SCHRODER.