KEITH RICHARDS DOUBTS GELDOF: Legendary ROLLING STONES guitarist KEITH RICHARDS refused to play LIVE 8 because he was suspicious of the organisers' political affiliations. Despite being begged by SIR BOB GELDOF to participate, the WILD HORSES rocker did not feel comfortable with the way the awareness-raising event was actually closely linked to politicians. He says, "I just thought the connection between Geldof and the Labour Party was just too tight, and I don't see debt reduction as being like - it's not going to feed the babies down there. "I mean, who's this gratifying and where are the Africans? Where was their say? And I thought it was being stuck together too fast." Talking about the pressure on him to participate, he says, "Oh yeah, all the Sirs had a bash, believe me. I wondered who was pulling the strings, that's all."

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