Britain's Princes William and Harry are being lined up for cameos in 'The Simpsons'.The royal siblings are both being considered for parts in the hit animated show and are set to be approached by bosses with an offer.Executive producer Al Jean has revealed the plans, and claims he is interested in featuring both William and Harry in a storyline where one of the princes becomes character Lisa's dream boyfriend.He said: "We've thought about approaching Harry and William because I believe they are fans of the show. It would be funny to make one of them Lisa's boyfriend. I know they're image conscious but I don't know what harm it would do."Al also admits he would love to cast Queen Elizabeth, the princes' grandmother, in an episode of the hugely popular series.He added: "I'd love to get the queen on the show. That would really be something."If William and Harry do accept the offer, they will be the latest in a galaxy of stars and famous faces to become characters in Springfield.

Prime Minister Tony Blair starred in the show two years ago, while other star guests include former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Jackson and REM.

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