Tom Cruise reportedly wants David Beckham to make a cameo appearance in 'Mission: Impossible 3'. The Hollywood actor has become good friends with the England football captain and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria, and would love him to have a small role in his latest movie.A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "David is building up a profile in the States as a soccer stud and could easily feature in a cameo role in the movie. Tom is not only the star of the movie but also the producer, so what he says goes. If he wants David to feature in the film, then he will."It would boost audiences in the UK and the Far East. Tom is very shrewd and would be fully aware of the benefits of having Becks in the film."The 'Top Gun' star is said to be in awe of the football ace and has reportedly told him: "You are my hero."

Tom, who joined David and Victoria at a Real Madrid game on Sunday (31.10.04), idolises the handsome 29-year-old as he always wanted to become a famous footballer.

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