Tom Cruise was left furious after a crew member on his latest film set passed wind during a minute's silence.The Hollywood actor - who is currently shooting World War II drama 'Valkyrie' in Berlin - had paused filming to honour the anti-Nazi heroes portrayed in the movie when one employee decided to use the tribute to break wind.Fellow star Christian Berkel - who plays anti-Hitler plotter Albrecht Mertz von Quirbheim - said: "The film's director Bryan Singer, the screenplay writer Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise asked us all to observe a moment's silence shortly before we started filming."A source on the set added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Fortunately the mystery gassy man didn't completely ruin the touching gesture."Quite rightly, Tom is furious. We were filming at the Bendler Block in Germany where the anti-Nazis were executed."The source said Cruise decided to ask for the minute's silence to show respect for the deceased and appease the German government, who only allowed the movie to be filmed if post-war Germany was shown in a positive light.The source added: "So for somebody to pass wind in a situation like that is unforgivable."

The silence was filmed and now Cruise and the producers will go through the footage to identify the culprit, who is likely to be fired.

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