CRUISE: 'I CAN'T BE COOL WITH HOLMES'TOM CRUISE excused himself for leaping all over TV talk show OPRAH WINFREY's sofa and giggling through their recent interview by stating love had turned him into a lunatic.The movie star spent the first half of his TV interview with Winfrey, which aired yesterday (23MAY05) in America, cooing about his girlfriend KATIE HOLMES and punching the air.He said, "I can't be cool... I can't be laidback. It's something that has happened and I feel I want to celebrate it and I wanna celebrate her. She's a very special woman."But the movie star admits he was cool when they first started dating - as he laid on a series of romantic surprises including a motorcycle ride on a beach and decorating their hotel room in Rome, Italy with rose petals.He added, "I don't really go to restaurants because I like doing things... I'm a romantic, I love stuff like that... I like treating a woman the way that she deserves to be treated."I was raised by women and I love this woman. With me, it's scuba diving and motorcycles and roses.

"I like seeing people happy... and I celebrate that and so I feel like I wanna share it with people because it's something that's very special."

And when Winfrey asked him if he truly was smitten with Holmes, he laughed, "I'm standing on your couch!"

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