Tom Cruise has confessed he doesn't like sex outside a relationship because he finds it "confusing".

But the Hollywood heavyweight has hinted he and his fiancée, actress Katie Holmes, have a steamy love life, claiming they have great chemistry.Cruise also revealed he is desperate to have children with Katie - who he believes is "the one".He is quoted by German newspaper Bild as saying: "Sex is great, if you are in a relationship.Otherwise, I find sex actually not so interesting.Without a relationship it is confusing".Referring to Katie, 26, he added: "Our chemistry has clicked.We are so alike I believe I have found the right one And I want more children".

Cruise then explained how he follows a bizarre life philosophy which includes working hard and enjoying domestic chores.

He said: "I cannot lie and putrify in the sun I love to work I love nature I love even mowing the lawn I am safe: I can learn everything Life is a miracle bag".

The actor also revealed he is such a wonderful father to his two adopted children - from his relationship with ex wife Nicole Kidman - he would love to be his own child.

He added: "Each weekend we plan a different adventure - cycling, motorbiking, hiking, climbing, a jet flight.

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