Tom Cruise splashed out £10000 to fly three top chefs from Italy to South America to cook an extravagant birthday meal for him.

The Hollywood actor, who turned 43 last week, flew the cooks from Rome's Dal Bolognese restaurant half way round the world to a yacht anchored off the Dutch Antilles islands - located off the coast of Venezuela - to prepare a luxurious three course dinner.Cruise was joined on the yacht, owned by the Church of Scientology of which he is a devout follower, by fiancée Katie Holmes as well as the star's ex-wife Nicole Kidman and a number of close friends and family.The restaurant's owner Alfredo Tomaselli admits he was left stunned when a representative for the 'War of the Worlds' star telephoned to submit his extravagant request.He said: "We had a call asking about the availability of three chefs for Tom Cruise's birthday dinner.Three of our chefs went and cooked for him." Tomaselli claims Tom is a regular visitor to his eatery whenever he is in the Italian capital and also revealed he frequently brought former wife Nicole with his when they were still an item.He added: "Whenever he is in Rome he always comes to us - and he was always in here with Nicole Kidman".

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