Rocker Tommy Lee was spotted kissing seven different women during a wild night out in London this week. The Motley Crue drummer, famed for his womanising ways, was enjoying a night out with pals at top nightclub Pangaea, and according to reports spent the entire evening getting to grips with the ladies presentOne fellow reveller said: "It was hilarious As soon as he arrived, he was sharking among the women""At one stage he was in a booth with a blonde model and he had his hands down her pants""They were completely all over each other It looked like they were about to have full sex at one point"Tommy, who was previously married to former 'Baywatch' babe 'Pamela Anderson, was also spotted provocatively dancing with a string of beauties throughout the evening and groping any girl who came closeA source added: "He kept flashing his chest, then he started throwing some seriously dodgy dance moves"

The wild rocker eventually left with two blonde girls and a brunette who all accompanied him back to the lavish hotel where he was staying

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