Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is begging for movie scripts.

The actress and her husband Dean McDermott - who are currently working on the fourth season of their reality TV show 'Home Sweet Hollywood' - are desperate for new projects and have even appealed to fans to submit proposals.

We are looking for movie scripts.

Tori added: There's probably a lot of writers out there in the audience, so if you have any ideas, we're open.

Dean said: "We are looking for movie scripts."

Tori added: "There's probably a lot of writers out there in the audience, so if you have any ideas, we're open."

The '90210' actress and her spouse are also currently working on a made-for-TV movie, which they will star in and produce, and another programme, 'Mr. and Mrs. Makeover', which sees the pair give other couples makeovers to overhaul how they look and how they live.

Tori - who has two children with Dean, Liam, two, and 10-month-old Stella - is keen to focus on her career after recent troubles in her personal life.

Her relationship with her mother Candy has come under scrutiny after Candy wrote an emotional open letter to her daughter and posted it on the internet.

It read: "Call me, write me, text me... I want a relationship with you and my grandchildren."

However, Tori insists she hasn't read the message and denied any war of words with her mom.

She said "I haven't seen it. I feel a bit clueless. She has not contacted me. And she's welcome to contact me. Privately.

"There's no feud. We simply never meshed. It's not like we're not talking, we just haven't talked. I love my mother. I've always loved her and no doubt she loves me.

"I, in no way, cut her off. She is welcome to make the effort if she wants to be present in their lives. She knows how to reach me, she knows where we live."

Tori has been estranged from her mother since her father Aaron Spelling died in 2007. Tori was expecting to inherit a portion of her father's $500 million fortune, but Candy gave her $800,000.

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