Victoria Beckham is furious because a secret album she scrapped has been leaked onto the internet. The former Spice Girl recorded the eleven track "pop style" album, entitled 'Open Your Eyes', between 2002 and 2003 but hated it so much she declared it "useless" and ordered it be destroyed as she never wanted anyone to hear it. A music industry insider told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Victoria didn't know what she wanted while manager Simon Fuller and Telstar were clear they wanted dance-influenced pop. "She recorded the tracks that have now been leaked, but then met Damon Dash and went off in a hip-hop direction, demanding the pop album be binned. She hated these songs and couldn't wait to scrap them." Record label Telstar released one single, 'Let Your Head Go/This Groove', from the album in December 2003. It got to Number 3 in the UK charts after a huge media campaign. Shortly after, Telstar went bust and it was thought the album would never be heard. But loyal fans of Victoria are delighted that the mother-of-three's lost LP has finally surfaced.

One fan said: "It's amazing. If only she'd have released these, she'd be as big as J.Lo now."

Victoria, the wife of footballer David Beckham, has now given up her music career to concentrate on fashion design and recently launched her own fragrance.

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