The stars of 'Will and Grace' have raided the set for souvenirs after the sitcom was cancelled.Cast members Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes have admitted taking keepsakes from the NBC show.Messing, who played Grace Adler, revealed the set was torn down as soon as filming had finished.She said: "It was cordoned off like an accident scene. It was a shock to see parts of it gone already."I was promised the door to my character's office. I want to lean it up against the wall in my house like a piece of modern art."Hayes, who played failed actor Jack McFarland, told America's People magazine: "I'm going to keep a couple of pieces from Will's apartment."There's a leather box that was on Will's desk that I want to find a place for."

McCormack, 43, who played lawyer Will Truman, said the item he most wanted was too big to take home - his character's entire kitchen.

He revealed: "My saddest moment was the last time I stood in Will's kitchen.

"That was the most colourful position for me, standing there and stirring something. It was my pulpit, the place where I delivered my best jokes. "Deb and Megan and Sean I can see again, but not my kitchen."

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