Will Smith was forced to strap his manhood to his leg for a steamy shower scene in 'I, Robot' - because it was so big. Producers of the movie, which premiered in London on Wednesday (04.08.04), told the well-endowed star to cover up his private parts because it would draw attention away from the plot.

Even Will's attempt to conceal his member by putting one leg in front of the other reportedly failed - and crew resorted to strapping it down with gaffer tape.

A source revealed: "Will is blessed in the boxer short department. Even his leg couldn't cover everything up and he had to be taped down with duct tape."

The Hollywood star's spokesman added: "It was more about privacy for Will, not the size - it was in some kind of glove or sleeve." Meanwhile, the sexy actor treated 3,000 fans to Wednesday's London premiere of 'I Robot' with an impromptu concert.

Will and his musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff entertained the crowd with their 90's rap hits.

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