Will Young has confessed he lusts after girls as well as boys.The openly gay pop star says he is sometimes tempted to jump between the sheets with a woman - and admits he can't rule out having sex with a girl in the future.The heartthrob singer revealed to Britain's Heat magazine: "I do fancy girls sometimes."I'd say every once in a year-and-a-half, I'll get a moment when I could possibly sleep with [a girl]."And my friends always say, 'What? We don't understand'. And then I'll say, 'It's fleeting'."The star added: "But I like it. I'd never rule it out."Last week, Will revealed he was left heartbroken when he lost his first love.

The singer split from his partner last year - and admits he has struggled to get over it.

He said: "I did meet my 'first significant one' but it ended six months ago. I was heartbroken when we broke up and it knocked my confidence.

"I suppose for a bit I thought it didn't work because I'm so famous and he couldn't cope with that. But I've realised that's nonsense. I can't blame my fame for the fact that I haven't got a boyfriend."

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