WILLIAM SHATNER is hoping to persuade medics who removed his kidney stone to hand it over so he can sell it on auction site eBay. The actor, who played CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK in STAR TREK, claims the stone will become "the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia". Shatner plans to give the proceeds of the sale to charity, but he has to cut through eBay red tape first - the website's rules are strict about the sale of body parts. The 74-year-old actor was taken from the set of his hit TV show BOSTON LEGAL last month (OCT05), suffering from what was initially reported to be chronic back pain. But Shatner has since revealed he had a kidney stone, which he successfully passed after experiencing excruciating pain.Meanwhile Shatners ex Startrek star James Doohans space flight delayed. A rocket which will blast the ashes of STAR TREK star JAMES DOOHAN into space has had its take-off delayed because of engine trouble.

The Falcon One was to take the remains of Doohan, who played engineer MONTGOMERY "SCOTTY" SCOTT aboard the fictional Starship Enterprise, from California into space next month (DEC05) but the launch is now scheduled for January (06) instead.

CHARLES CHAFER of Space Services Inc says, "They had an engine test they didn't like so they will do another month of testing."

Canadian born Doohan died in July (05) at the age of 85, and had asked that his ashes be sent to the final frontier when he was gone.

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