Woody Allen is an obsessive compulsive - and performs the same breakfast ritual every morning. The Hollywood legend has prepared the same breakfast in the same way every day for more than 50 years - and is too scared to break the habit in case it brings him bad luck. The funnyman said: "For breakfast I have freshly squeezed orange juice, followed by a bowl of Cheerios with skimmed milk and raisins. And I always have a sliced banana on top. "This is going to sound silly, given that I am a complete rationalist with no religious belief whatsoever. But I always cut my morning banana into seven slices. It's my only superstition. I've always done it - ever since I was a child - and now I'm afraid not to in case something terrible happens and I upset the delicate balance of the universe." The 69-year-old director says his obsessive behaviour extends into every aspect of his life.

The Oscar-winning star admitted that his wife, Soon-Yi, struggles to live with his bizarre compulsions - which make it difficult for him to act spontaneously.

He added in an interview with Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "My wife does complain about how routine I can be. If it was up to me I would always do everything exactly the same way."

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