Aaron Paul considers Bryan Cranston to be his "mentor".

Aaron Paul has heaped praise on Bryan Cranston

Aaron Paul has heaped praise on Bryan Cranston

The 42-year-old actor starred alongside Bryan, 65, in the hit TV series 'Breaking Bad', and he loves that they've remained such close friends after the show ended in 2013.

Aaron - who has Story, three, with his wife Lauren Parsekian - shared: "He became one of my closest friends - my mentor - very early on. Someone I can confide in.

"And when ['Breaking Bad'] was done, it was a very hard goodbye. A lot of times when you're doing a show, a film, a play, it's like you're going away to summer camp. You've become best friends with these people and you think, oh, we're going to be ride-or-dies until the end and then you go your separate ways. You get back into your day to day normal life and you realise, oh, it's hard to stay in touch."

Despite this, Bryan admits that their relationship has evolved over the years.

He also noted how much Aaron's life has changed since they first appeared together in 'Breaking Bad'.

He told Esquire: "​​I will say, when I met him he was in his twenties. And now he's in his forties and it's changed. He's a husband and a father now."

Aaron is keen to reunite with Bryan in a professional capacity, and thinks they'd be perfectly suited to performing alongside each other on the stage.

He explained: "'Breaking Bad', it was seven years from the pilot to the finale. And during those seven years, a lot of the time on set it was him and I.

"I would love to do a play with this guy just because, I mean, I've seen him on stage multiple times, and what he does on stage is just so ... I felt like I was a decent actor diving into 'Breaking Bad'. I grew so much as an actor because of this guy."