Adam Brody has joked it would take "so much money" for him to agree to a revival of 'The OC'.

Adam Brody

Adam Brody

The 39-year-old actor played Seth Cohen on the American teen drama television series, which aired for four seasons between 2003 and 2007, and when asked what it would take to get him to reprise his role in the show, he joked that money was the only way to get him.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he quipped: "So much money! No, I'm just [kidding], but, I don't know."

Adam recently bumped into his former girlfriend Rachel Bilson - who played his on-screen girlfriend Summer Roberts on the show - and he admitted the pair didn't discuss a revival of 'The OC.

He said: "We didn't. We talked about rebooting 'Friends', maybe? But we didn't talk about a reboot, we talked about old times."

Adam has watched an episode of 'The Hills: New Beginnings' featuring his former 'The OC' co-star Mischa Barton but says he has no plans to pivot to reality TV.

He said: "I saw an episode, and I liked it."

When asked if he'd consider making an appearance with her on 'The Hills', Adam joked: "Again, I go back to the money thing, you know?"

Rachel recently admitted she has yet to check out Mischa's new show but insisted she has heard positive things about it.

She said: "I haven't! But I've heard it's super fun and entertaining. I have not watched, but I heard she's great on it."