Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Adam Mitchel Lambert, born 29 January 1982, 10.45 pm, Indianapolis/USA

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not exactly known for their fondness of rules and regulations, and singer Adam Lambert is no exception: Freedom and independence rank high amongst his values, and taking charge and being in the middle of the action suits him very much. His core personality is really cool and quirky, combined with a rather unorthodox way of thinking. He’s a person who’s full of restless energy, very easily bored and definitely eager for thrill and excitement. Exploring and expressing himself and his creative talents is a major theme of his life, and his chart shows an urge to test how far he can get. Adam has this great ability to get his messages across and is a fantastic performer on stage, but his introspective side also often requires him to retreat into his shell!

His friendly, peaceful Libra Ascendant gives him the talent to harmonize. While he’s very strong-willed, determined and relentless in the pursuit of his goals, he will also happily do his best to encourage kindness and fairness. Besides giving the picture of a perfectly nice guy, his chart reveals his “dark”, intense nuances and depth. There’s a mixture there of some pretty tough energies, which are as stunning as they are awe-inspiring. People may call him theatrical, but he just feels a strong need to express himself physically. That probably explains all that trademark glam, glitter and eyeliner! Libra is the sign where appearance and beauty matter, and this influence is dominant here. On top of that, constant transformation is a big issue for him. He can be very flamboyant and eccentric, but he’s got a desire to be taken seriously as well, to be accepted for who he is!

Although the former American Idol star is quite prone to emotional outbursts thanks to his fiery, vigorous Aries Moon, his chart confirms that he really wants to get along well with other people. Understanding their feelings and subtle motivations in an intuitive way is one of his strong points, although it may not be so easy for him to fully recognize his own feelings. A disciplined worker and always up for a challenge, the musician is blessed with incredible ingenuity and an individual style of communication – a brilliant constellation for songwriting! In love and romance, Adam seems to go for the more adventurous and fun kind of connection with lots of variety. On the other hand, he likes his relationships to be rock-solid. So yeah, as long as he’s in it, he’s in it for real, and no excuses!

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