Adrien Brody enjoys the sense of mystery that surrounds his acting career.

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody

The 48-year-old actor explained that he likes being seen as a puzzle to his fans and doesn't want to be merely defined by his acting roles.

Adrien told Observer magazine: "I feel like it’s difficult for people to separate who you are from who they think you are, and the characters that you played. Now they just Google who you are, and get whatever someone else has thought or said about you.

“If you look at my work, it’s very hard to say, ‘This is the kind of actor that he is.’ This is the kind of person I am."

Adrien stars in Wes Anderson's new movie 'The French Dispatch', which marks the fourth time he has collaborated with the acclaimed director, and praised him for creating a tight-knit environment on set.

He explained: "Everyone comes home to the same hotel and we all have dinner together every night.

“So often, when you’re away and you’re on location, everybody has their own lives, they’re all busily dealing with their own thing. It’s far less of a community than it could be. Wes creates this sense of everyone joining the conversation."

Adrien revealed that he relished the approach on the film 'The Darjeeling Limited', which also starred Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman and marked the first time that he had worked with Wes.

He recalled: "It was like a group of brothers – we were experiencing all these things as we were doing them."

Brody feels that he differs from most actors because of his "introverted" nature and explained that he briefly stopped looking for work altogether in 2016 after becoming disillusioned with performing.

The 'Midnight in Paris' star said: "They say actors really are attention-seekers, but I’m very introverted.

“I had some previous work that was still coming out, but I passed on most acting projects for several years."