Alec Baldwin's wife won't let him feel sorry for himself.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

The 'Boss Baby' actor - who has daughter Ireland, 21, from his marriage to Kim Basinger and Carmen, three, Rafael, 22 months, and Leonardo, six months, with spouse Hilaria - admits his partner quickly turns on him when he is "whining" about something and points out his position of privilege means no one would ever indulge his gripes.

He said: "My wife has a line, it's a wonderful line. If I'm whining, kvetching about something, my wife will turn to me and she'll say, 'Nobody feels sorry for Alec Baldwin.'

"She'll turn literally to anybody on the street corner, 'Do you feel sorry for Alec Baldwin? Anyone? Anyone?' "

The 59-year-old actor admits he was "very, very paranoid" about his public persona when he was younger and felt the media was "out to get" him, but he eventually realised he was accountable for the things he said and how he said them.

He told Gothamist: "In certain times in my life, [I thought] that the press hadn't portrayed me, they hadn't communicated what I wanted communicated, and I felt not just disappointed that they didn't communicate what I wanted communicated, I thought that they were unfair, and even out to get me.

"I got very, very paranoid. I read an article, in which someone said this is, 'Getting in touch with your inner Nixon,' that they're all out to get you.

Later on when you mature a bit, you realise that it's a game you're all playing and you just need to play it better. If you say something, then you said it.

"If it didn't come out the way that you wanted it to, did the piece not come out or is what you said didn't come out the way you wanted it to?"

Alec has enjoyed a career resurgence over the last few months thanks to his 'Saturday Night Live' portrayal of President Donald Trump, and despite being an outspoken critic of the US leader, he admits he sometimes feels "sad" for the former 'Apprentice' star.

He said: "Sometimes I feel sad for him. Like any man who is a father. He has children, he has grandchildren.

"There's a very good chance, it's not guaranteed, that his name will become a punchline. For the rest of their lives. Then they lose their businesses.

"The Trump name, they took it all off the Riverside Boulevard buildings as you know.

"I think that I feel sad for him, because I genuinely feel sad for anybody who is put in the stocks by the press, whether they earned it or not."