Alec Baldwin would "love" to become the US President.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

The 59-year-old actor is an outspoken critic of current Commander-in-chief Donald Trump and while he doesn't think he'd stand a chance of succeeding the billionaire businessman, Alec would relish the opportunity to lead America "on a more spiritual level".

Asked if he'd ever like to run for political office, the Hollywood star explained: "I'd have to give up the life I have now [with three young children], which even if I had a good chance of winning, that's a risk I don't want to take. But I don't think I have a good chance of winning.

"In my mind, Trump has slammed the door on non-traditional candidates, and I think it's not going to happen. Nobody knows they would win, but if I thought I was going to win I'd like to, I would love to lead people in this country on a more spiritual level, and say to them I don't care what your religion is, let's talk about the American spirit."

Alec argued the American public has come to "hate their government" and he also claimed that people are currently "filled with fear".

The '30 Rock' star told Gothamist: "I think that people in the United States, they have a terrible dichotomy, and that is that they love their country and they hate their government. The government of the United States has never been less popular than it is now.

"People absolutely loathe and detest the federal government of the United States. They hate it. They're ashamed of it. They can't believe we've sunk this far. At the same time, a majority of people love their country.

"I believe that we need somebody to come in who is going to start to sing an old song, an old favourite song, which is to talk about peace. Peace now is a naive thing, no one talks about peace now. I think that Americans are becoming a little cranky and filled with fear."