Alex Reid's baby daughter was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning (15.08.21).

Anastasia (c) Instagram

Anastasia (c) Instagram

Anastasia - Alex and his fiancee Nikki Manashe's four-week-old daughter - was taken into hospital via an ambulance, after Nikki became concerned about how much she was vomiting.

Nikki, 36, subsequently took to social media to discuss the situation and to reassure her followers that Anastasia is now doing well.

Alongside some behind-the-scenes photos and videos of Anastasia's health scare, Nikki wrote on her Instagram Story: "Last night at 1am we ended up in an ambulance.

"Luckily we were seen straight away as she is so tiny. (sic)"

Nikki then explained what prompted her to take her baby girl into hospital.

She wrote: "Baby was vomiting so much stomach bile I panicked.

"This is to all mummy's it's ok to be worried and panic if something doesn't feel right. Doctor said I did the right thing. Never ignore a poorly baby, even if it seems like you're being over the top. (sic)"

Nikki added that Anastasia is now doing fine and that they've already returned home.

She said: "We are safe at home. My everything. I now understand conditional love. (sic)"

Nikki gave birth on July 13 but subsequently suffered internal bleeding and blood clotting.

However, she didn't need to undergo surgery and was ultimately able to return home, after the bleeding slowed down.

Alex, 46, confirmed the news on his Instagram account at the end of July.

He wrote at the time: "I have had so many messages of kindness I thought I would reply here. I have both my girls back home from hospital.

"@ivf_mama_nikki thankfully didn't need surgery, the heavy bleeding is slowing down. I've learnt a lot that having a c section comes with risks if you don't rest properly...

"(You women are amazing what you go through) Nikki was doing to much around the home and we have all kept telling her off but she insists on being super mum and doing everything.

"I've officially taken over all house duties and she's on strict bed rest and is on antibiotics. Thanking everyone for your kind messages. Can't wait to update you all on good news with my girlies. (sic)"

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