Alexander Skarsgard used to brew his own beer behind his refrigerator.

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

The 40-year-old actor made his own alcohol behind the kitchen appliance because it was the best condition for the yeast to grow, although he has revealed the beverage tasted "horrible".

Speaking about his childhood to Stylist magazine, the 'Legend of Tarzan' star said: "I brewed my own beer behind our refrigerator where it was warm enough for the yeast to grow. I didn't care if I tasted good, I just wanted it to be strong. It was like 8 per cent [ABV] it was horrible!

"That was what we did - chugging bottles of thick beer-sludge on the bus. The goal was to get drunk."

And Alexander's actor father, Stellan Skarsgard tried a sample of the beer, but he too didn't enjoy the flavour of his son's home brew.

He explained: "I think my dad tasted it once and was like, 'Mmm, you can hold onto that.'"

Meanwhile, the Stockholm-born star has revealed he "quit" the film industry because he couldn't cope with the fame that came with being a film star.

When asked about the biggest adjustment he has been forced to make since being an actor, he said: "I quit - I stopped acting for eight years. I did a TV movie ['The Dog That Smiled'] when I was 13, which got some attention and it made me uncomfortable. People would recognise me but I just wanted to be normal.

"The reason I quit had nothing to do with the work, it was everything around it. So I thought maybe I should give it a go and see how I feel as an adult."