Alfonso Ribeiro is "crazy supportive" of the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reboot.

Alfonso Ribeiro will watch Bel-Air

Alfonso Ribeiro will watch Bel-Air

The 50-year-old actor - who starred in the 90s sitcom as Will Smith’s on-screen cousin Carlton Banks - will be tuning into ‘Bel-Air’, the dramatic prequel but hope people won't be comparing the two programmes.

Alfonso told 'Extra': “Of course I will watch… I’m crazy supportive of Will and everything that he’s doing… I feel like it should be looked at as a completely new show.”

The ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ presenter ruled out for now returning to the revamped series as he is “loving” being a television host.

Asked about making a cameo on the show, he explained: “Right now I am not acting, I’m hosting. I’m loving my hosting jobs. There’s never an end… This is just me not having a desire to do it now.”

The show - which will drop on NBC’s streaming service on 13 February - stars newcomer Jabari Banks, Adrian Holmes, Cassandra Freeman, Olly Sholotan and Coco Jones, and Will will serve as producer.

While Alfonso is supportive of his old friend, he isn't planning to read the 'Men In Black' star's memoir 'Will'

He previously said: “I don't know if I'll read the book because I know the people."

But the actor praised Will for being candid about his and wife Jada Pinkett Smither's marriage.

He said: "They are laying it out there in a way that is their truth.

“For many, many years, people speculated about them as a family.”

If he doesn't read the book, Alfonso will miss out on Will's praise that he gave him "the best advice ever" when it came to the comedy series.

He recounted how his pal told him: “Hey, man, I hear the producers discussing names for your character. Take it from me: Give your character your name, Will Smith. Because people are going to call you that for the rest of your life.”