Alison Brie once caught Justin Bieber singing about pasta while swimming.

Alison Brie

Alison Brie

The 'Glow' actress and her husband Dave Franco were enjoying a romantic getaway in a small town in Italy and were shocked when they realised who was obliviously making up a song about their meal while relaxing by the poo.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', she recalled: "My husband Dave was shooting a movie in Italy, I had a few days off, so I flew out to meet him and we went to this very small remote town to stay at this little hotel we'd stay'd at once before for a weekend getaway...

"So hours go by, it's 5 p.m., no one's there, everyone's left, Dave and I are the last people at the pool, we're buried in our books. Then I hear a young gentleman come out to the pool, I hear him order some food. I'm always eavesdropping on people by the pool, I can't help it...

" Penne, penne pasta, good choice. That's what he ordered.

"So then the guy gets to the pool, I still can't see him because I've been reading and he starts singing to himself. And this guy is just in the pool swimming and singing like, ‘Penne pasta, penne pasta, penne penne penne.' I'm bopping along and I look to Dave and he's clocking who the guy is and the look on his face, I'm like, ‘Who is it? Do we know him?' And Dave is like, ‘You wouldn't believe me if I told you.'

"Sure enough, I pop the book up and there's Bieber taking a swim break and singing about his pasta. I have to say, it was delightful in the moment."

And the song managed to get stuck in both Alison and Dave's heads and the found themselves singing about Justin's dinner hours later.

Alison added: "But hours later Dave and I are brushing our teeth, getting ready for bed and the two of us, ‘Penne pasta, penne pasta.' To this day, we're just like, ‘It was catchy. That guy's got a gift for music.' "

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