Amal Clooney thinks her marriage to George Clooney “has been wonderful”

Amal loves her life with George Clooney and their two children

Amal loves her life with George Clooney and their two children

The 44-year-old human rights lawyer attributes her ability to important work due to the Academy Award winner being “incredibly inspirational” and having “a home filled with love and laughter” after they wed in 2014 and welcomed four-year-old fraternal twins Alexander and Ella.

Speaking after being named as one TIME magazine’s 2022 Women of Year, Amal said: “Marriage has been wonderful. I have in my husband a partner who is incredibly inspirational and supportive, and we have a home filled with love and laughter. It is a joy beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I feel so lucky to have found a great love in my life, and to be a mother.”

Amal tries to “turn the spotlight” she has due to being linked with the 60-year-old actor to her legal battles.

She said: “Since I can’t control it, my approach is just not to dwell on it and just get on with my work and my life and hope that attitudes will catch up and I do actually feel like there is a female solidarity that has built up on these issues where other women will sort of call that out in a way that maybe wouldn’t have happened five or 10 years ago. So attitudes are changing.”

To succeed in her line of work - which includes defending activists imprisoned by totalitarian regimes across the world - Amal believes you “have to have dogged determination”.

She continued: “You’re coming up against people whose power and existence depends on them continuing to commit serious abuses, and they’re not going to give up. So we definitely can’t give up on our side.”

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