Amal Clooney plans to be open about periods with her daughter

Amal Clooney on being honest with her daughter

Amal Clooney on being honest with her daughter

The 44-year-old humans right lawyer - who is married to Hollywood star George Clooney, 61, and has four-year-old twins Ella and Alexander with him - teamed up with Prince Charles to present entrepreneur Tanzila Khan with the inaugural International Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment award on Wednesday (25.05.22) at the Prince's Trust Awards for her initiative in setting up a Deliveroo-style company for feminine hygiene products in Pakistan.

Amal admitted that when the time comes she will be honest about the menstrual cycle with her daughter, and said: "Yeah [I'll be open] I mean, it’s science.

"You want to give them facts. And not use euphemisms for everything and just be very matter-of-fact."

Meanwhile, the lawyer went on to explain that her "dream" for the future is to be able to give women the chance to chase their own goals and noted there is no way society can become "casual" about how far women's rights have come.

She told The Times newspaper: "[I want to] to give each girl a chance to chase any dream that she has. In the cases I work on, women are the victims of the worst forms of abuse.

"So of course, I want my daughter to grow up in a world where that’s not the case, and [that means] not just that she herself would not be under particular threat, but that that doesn’t happen to any girl.

"I think that the worst thing we could do is be casual about our rights. This is not just a developing world issue. Sometimes in western countries you assume that women are equal to men in the workplace, for example.

"Then you have the #MeToo movement and more transparency about pay, and you see that’s not necessarily the case. We’re seeing now in the US that some rights are being reversed. So you have to be very vigilant."

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