Amanda Seyfried was “scared” when she realised how serious her relationship with Thomas Sadoski was.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

The ‘Mank’ actress – who previously dated the likes of Justin Long and Dominic Cooper – met the actor in 2015 when they starred in a stage production of ‘The Way We Get By’ together but their friendship didn’t turn romantic until the following year and the blonde beauty quickly realised she may have finally found the right partner.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Style supplement, she said: “I remember thinking, this might be the first time that we never say goodbye.

“And I was scared because all my relationships had lasted two years, and I didn’t want this to end.”

The couple – who have gone on to have a daughter, now three, and a son, four months, together – married in a secret ceremony in early 2017 and Amanda admitted she was largely attracted to Thomas because he is reliable.

She said: “To me, the sexiest thing about him was the fact that I could rely on him. He was a really good man. Reliability — hard to find.”

Amanda reunited with Dominic on their 2018 movie sequel ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ and though she wouldn’t count her former lover as a close friend, she still thinks of him “very fondly” and they enjoyed working together again.

She said: “We’re all adults at this point. I think of Dom very fondly and Tommy trusts that.”

Asked if they are still friends, she added: “Yes. Ish. When we worked together again we had a ball. But when you have a family and kids, the number of people you keep close and actually Facetime is quite small.”

The family live on a farm in upstate New York, and were joined there by Amanda’s mother shortly after their daughter was born, and the actress loves having her around.

She said: “She moved in after the baby was born and never moved out, and I don’t want her to.

“My husband’s going to work on Sunday — he’s flying down to Georgia to do a movie for three months and I would be alone with two kids.

“I know families do that all the time, but I’m such a momma’s girl and she has always come to my rescue.”